With Chelsea interest in Gabriel Jesus, Thomas Tuchel must avoid a £42 million deal mistake

Gabriel Jesus’ ties to Chelsea are growing stronger, and a part of me wonders why. The idea that the Brazilian striker may perhaps correct the deficiencies in Thomas Tuchel’s offense isn’t totally accurate.

Arsenal are allegedly interested in signing Man City forward Mikel Arteta in the hopes of bringing out the finest version of the 25-year-old. The Gunners will be trying to replace Alexander Lacazette, while the Blues are hunting for a replacement for Romelu Lukaku. The rush to get his autograph appears to be considerably more thrilling than signing the player. He’s a terrific player, but he’s unlikely to be the proper match to help Chelsea get back on track.

With the possibility of bringing in Ousmane Dembele, the Blues will want a clinical forward capable of taking the opportunities that they had gotten accustomed to missing over the season.
Manchester City’s team is notorious for having gold mines. Some of their prior valuables were sold, and the Cityfolk made a good profit. Edin Dzeko, in particular, was an unsung hero. He was a fantastic striker, but he had to play behind Sergio Aguero, the best striker in the world. It wasn’t an easy competition to win, just as it wasn’t for Gabriel Jesus. Aguero was a prolific goal-scorer who had established himself as City’s first-choice striker.

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Dzeko then went on to Roma, where he spent six years as their primary man. The Bosnia and Herzegovina international had a sluggish start, but once given the chance, he built a name for himself. Jesus could do the same, but I doubt Chelsea supporters will be patient enough to wait for another slow burner.
Christian Pulisic, Callum Hudson-Odoi, Hakim Ziyech, Kai Havertz, Timo Werner, and Romelu Lukaku are now available to Thomas Tuchel on the offensive roaster. Although none of these attacking alternatives had a particularly strong season in 2021-22, they all showed flashes of brilliance when it counted most. Jesus, who has 13 goals in 41 games, is in the same boat. As a winger and a center forward, he showed considerable promise.

Given that Romelu Lukaku has only scored 15 goals in 44 appearances, I’m not sure it’s worth replacing him with Jesus. Despite the fact that the Belgian has created a poisonous atmosphere for himself, the Blues should be looking for a long-term solution. Personnel who are qualified.

Jesus has the correct winning attitude, which he learned through Pep Guardiola’s achievements. He’s also a player who will quickly adapt to Tuchel’s high-press, possession-based style, but he’s a forward who wastes a lot of chances and makes some questionable mistakes. As it is, he doesn’t stand out among the team’s other attackers, which is why, as a supporter, I’d have to decline the offer.

Man City has set a £42.7 million asking price for the Brazilian, who has one year remaining on his contract. Chelsea, hopefully, will not feel pressed to make a choice right away.

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