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why Chelsea should sigh Raheem Sterling before Real Madrid take a step – England legend gives transfer advice

This summer, Raheem Sterling has been linked with a transfer away from Manchester City.

Under Pep Guardiola, the £50 million Liverpool acquisition is no longer considered a significant player.

The 27-year-old, who has won four Premier League championships with City, has been linked with Chelsea and Real Madrid.

David James, a former England and Portsmouth goalkeeper, has offered his opinion on Sterling’s future.

Sterling should stay at City, according to James, although he has reservations about a transfer to Real Madrid.

Sterling, on the other hand, James believes, would fit in nicely with Chelsea.

“The obvious answer is, remain at Man City!” James told GGRecon when asked whether Sterling should join one of the recent European winners or stay at Manchester City.

“First and foremost, you will have the possibility to win prizes. Raheem is one of those 24, 25 league appearance guys, as I said, with the rotation.

“In a prosperous side, you’ll receive ample regular time. It may be a little hectic leading up to the World Cup, but you will get enough playing time and, I would say, enough rest to be fresher for the tournament.

“As for Real Madrid, I don’t know Raheem personally, but based on his nature and what Real Madrid demands, the answer might easily be yes.”

“However, one thing we’ve seen and heard a lot about from Paris is what a Real Madrid player is, and it’s not simply someone who’s skilled and can score a few goals.”

“You essentially have to devote yourself to a football team, and everything happens off the field.” You will not work at Real Madrid if you are not that kind of player.”

“With respect to Chelsea, I think this is a credit to how well Raheem Sterling has done, tying him to Real Madrid and Chelsea; the two huge European champions in recent years,” the former England goalkeeper continued.

“Playing at the World Cup for Manchester City, Chelsea, or Real Madrid would not damage Raheem Sterling.”

“Given how close the World Cup is, and what may happen with a relocation – such as Manchester to London, for example – you have to wonder whether there will be an external adjustment that could damage form.”

“You’d assume that as an accomplished athlete, he’d be able to manage it.” If there is a transfer, it should not be an issue for Raheem, especially if it is to Chelsea or Real Madrid.

“He’s more than capable of putting on a show on the field.” Raheem gets a pat on the back.”

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