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Vinicius explains why he is renewing his Real Madrid contract

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Vinicius is presently on vacation in Brazil, but he is thinking about his future and has stated why he has decided to sign with Real Madrid.

The Brazilian attacker, who is currently discussing a contract extension with Real Madrid, was also quizzed about PSG’s interest in signing him.

Vinicius told Sport TV’s ‘Bem, Amigos!’ broadcast, “I want to stay at the finest club in the world.”

Real Madrid wants to re-sign Vinicius and include a 1 billion euro release clause in the contract.
Real Madrid would prefer to contract Vinicius until 2028, according to MARCA journalist Mario Cortegana, although the renewal pact is more likely to be until 2026 or 2027.

In theory, his release clause would increase from 350 million euros to 1 billion euros, which is the star standard at Real Madrid.

Vinicius’ pay will more than double as a result of his improved performance and the club’s increased importance for him.

As a result, he will rise from the bottom of the squad to the top: from a salary of 3.2 million euros or 4 million euros with bonuses to a salary of 10 million euros, with the possibility of an increase based on a set of objectives organized similarly to the existing ones.

Juni Calafat had a key part in Vinicius’ relocation to Real Madrid.
The Brazilian striker wanted to emphasize on ‘Bem, Amigos!’ that Juni Calafat (Real Madrid’s director of international football) was the one who traveled to Brazil to sign him.

Vinicius, who has his sights set on the 2022 World Cup, spoke on Sport TV on how the demands placed on him by the Brazilian national team differ from his responsibilities at Real Madrid.

“We play higher up in the Brazilian national team, and Tite pushes us to attack a lot,” Vinicius revealed, “whereas at Real Madrid, I stay a little further back.”


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