[Video] Dog Enters International Football Match and Demands two player to touch him

A courageous pitch invader risked everything to get some belly pats and rubs.

An affection-seeking dog made its way onto the pitch during a Venezuela vs. Chile women’s international football game, forcing officials to halt play.

The amusing occurrence took place in the international friendly’s 36th minute, with the score still 0-0.

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The black dog was captured on camera roaming the sidelines and getting petted by the photographers.
The dog probably said, “Sub me on coach,” before running onto the field without waiting for instructions from the sidelines, clearly demanding a piece of the action.

When the cutest pitch invader of all time flopped over and sought belly rubs from the Chilean goalie Christiane Endler, the referee signaled a halt to play.

The dog received some scratches from the referee as well since she was unable to say no to the puppy.

The black dog started to dash from one end of the field to the other while players and officials tried to summon it off the field. It was obviously having fun and getting excited by the audience.

It continued to wag its tail as it made its way over to the Chilean players on the sidelines for a couple more belly rubs before being taken off by one of them.

The animal put up a tremendous amount of effort, earning belly rubs from several international football players as well as the referee and making a star-making dash down the middle of the field.

In my opinion, this was a player of the game performance.

Animal pitch invasions are rare, but when they do occur, they are always a sight to behold.

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