Update: New Chelsea kit 2022/23: Home shirt leaked, unique training top revealed and launch date

Chelsea’s new home shirt for the 2022/23 season looks to have been leaked online, and it appears to be one that might cause controversy.

While this season’s uniform has a distinct feel about it, with its crosshatch of patterns and distorted checks meant to evoke the 1960s, The shirt is described as “influenced by the 1960s yet as fresh as they come” in the official release.

Now, @semihkececioglu appears to have posted the first images of Chelsea’s 2022/23 home uniform on Twitter, confirming a previous leak of the design. In contrast to the existing home jersey, as shown in the image above, the new home shirt will be largely one tone of blue, with a slightly different henley color.
The neckline will be white and turquoise, with a design across the collar in the latter color. According to Footy Headlines, the design matches Nike’s season template, with the kit slated to debut in May 2022. ‘Rush Blue/Chlorine Blue/White is the official color scheme. The shorts are supposed to have the same three colors as the socks, with some ‘College Navy’ detailing on the last two.

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The leak is only the latest piece of information concerning Chelsea’s upcoming gear. The pre-match jersey for the Blues has also made its way onto the internet. The design on the shirt looks to be similar to the pattern on the collar of the home shirt.
The away Chelsea top’s template has also been released, and it follows the same color palette as the home version. A quantity of ‘Chlorine Blue’ hoops will be used, with the same pattern as the home shirt’s collar. On a white foundation that makes up the majority of the shirt and shorts, details will also be in ‘College Navy.’

While all of the current designs feature the Three logo, it’s unclear what will happen with Chelsea’s sponsorship arrangement, which was asked by the mobile firm to be halted following the fines imposed on Roman Abramovich.

Despite this, the Blues have continued to wear their current uniform with Three’s emblem. Chelsea do not have any stock of jerseys without the insignia and is now unable to buy any after Abramovich was sanctioned,

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