Update: ‘I can’t believe he did that’ – Arsenal legend criticises Chelsea player

Martin Keown, a former Arsenal player, has expressed his amazement that Chelsea defender Andreas Christensen has opted out of the FA Cup final against Liverpool.

Keown is taken aback by Christensen’s actions and is waiting for the Dane international to explain himself.

“We haven’t heard his side of the story yet, but it does seem weird that he was in a back three in the Leeds game three days prior,” Keown told talkSPORT.

“And he was the only one of that back three who didn’t play in the cup final.”

“So maybe he concluded that he wasn’t going to be selected — he was presumably told that when they did their run-throughs the day before the match.”

“Perhaps he thought he couldn’t bear to be a part of it.” Another explanation comes to mind.”

When asked if he would have followed Christensen’s lead, Keown said, “Why would I?” I’m not sure when the next cup final will take place.

“I’ve worked my entire career to get to that point, and there’s no way I’m backing out now.”

“When I was at Reading, I was injured and told them not to pay me my wages,” said Steve Coppell (Keown’s manager at the time).

“I’m not interested in picking up salary because it’s not appropriate for you and them as a football club.” I could afford to do it since they weren’t paying me well.

“But you either have morals or you don’t, so you play the game while you can, which is while you’re on your way up.”

“I left clubs when my contract expired, so I made sure I was honest on the way down.”

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