Update: FA Cup final: It’s Chelsea vs a whole country – Thomas Tuchel

As the season draws to a conclusion, Pep Guardiola recently declared that the entire country is rooting for Liverpool to win the Premier League title.

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel appears to agree with Man City coach Pep Guardiola ahead of the FA Cup final against Liverpool.

Tuchel responded to Guardiola’s suggestion that the public wanted Liverpool to triumph by saying, “I’m not a Liverpool supporter.” I can see why he made [that statement]. I understand why he feels that way. In general, I find it difficult to disagree with it.

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“It’s not about Chelsea, right? It’s about Man City and Liverpool.” I didn’t say I agreed completely, but I get what you’re saying.

“I think I understand what he’s saying. In the country, there is a lot of sympathy for Liverpool. No offense, but they work hard for it. I understand what he’s saying.”

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