Update: ‘Chelsea are better off without him’ – Former Chelsea midfielder says about outgoing player

‘Chelsea are better off without him’ – Former Chelsea midfielder says about outgoing player

Andy Townsend, a former Chelsea midfielder, has expressed his sadness at Andreas Christensen’s decision to skip the FA Cup final against Liverpool.

The Chelsea defender was not injured, according to sources, but he informed Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel on the morning of the game that he did not want to be put in the team for the final against Liverpool because he did not feel ready to play.

Christensen, according to Townsend, does not deserve to play for Chelsea.

“I’m not surprised by Christensen’s behavior. Andy Townsend, a former Chelsea midfielder, stated on talkSPORT: “He’s always been a bit flaky.”

“If he truly turned to his coach and said, ‘I don’t think I feel quite right,’ I believe Chelsea would be better off without him.” He’s insufficient, insufficient for them.”

Tuchel discussed the issue with the media ahead of the game against Leicester City, but avoided being too harsh on Christensen.

“We had no choice except to accept it,” Tuchel added.

“I try not to take things personally as much as possible.” Andreas still wanted to play these games, and I feel he still could in terms of potential and what he brings to the squad, which is why he was such an important player for us.

“We believed we had prepared him in the greatest manner possible, and he managed a lot of pressure on us, but it wasn’t the perfect circumstance for us.”

“He is an important player, and you want all of your players available in a final versus Liverpool, which was not the case.”

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