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Transfer News: Mbappe beg Real Madrid to wait for him – Sanchez

Hugo Sanchez, a Real Madrid icon, believes Kylian Mbappe of Paris Saint-Germain instructed the Los Blancos to wait for him.

Despite being associated with Real Madrid for some time, Mbappe turned down a transfer to the LaLiga winners last month.

Sanchez told Marca that Mbappe was certainly under a lot of pressure to stay at PSG, but it wasn’t because of the money.

“It’s tough for me to respond because I’m not in his head, in his brain, and I’m not him.” But if I’m right, he didn’t say no to Real Madrid, but he did tell them to wait a little longer for me,” Sanchez stated.

“Because he has so many pressures, so many external factors, and maybe even family members have pressed and affected his decision to (not) select Real Madrid,” he said, “but later on, it was his want, his illusion, his dream, but that dream, as he stated, can wait a little bit.”

“I believe he is showing signs that he wants to go to Real Madrid, but I don’t believe they are because of political, social, or economic issues, because he was going to earn a lot of money at Real Madrid, as he is going to earn a lot of money at PSG, so it is not because of money, but rather because he has not said no to Real Madrid, but rather because he has said, I cannot betray other types of situations that are stronger than money.” That is something you must comprehend.”

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