Todd Boehly finally explain why he wants to introduce an American culture to Chelsea management

When it comes to income and money in football, Todd Boehly, the new owner of Chelsea, has claimed that he is looking at the big picture.

In his debut year in the Premier League, the new Chelsea owner was anticipated to go on a spending spree in order to re-energize the Chelsea playing team, but that may not be the case.

While Todd Boehly’s Los Angeles Dodgers team in the United States uses a combination of spending and recovering revenue, the American billionaire has suggested that he would use a different method at Chelsea.

According to Boehly, the Premier League has an untapped market because, despite its worldwide appeal, he feels it does not receive enough money.

Despite the fact that the Premier League has billions of fans worldwide, Boehly believes that major sports in the United States generate more cash.

Despite the fact that his new team has to invest in new talent, Boehly has cautioned that the days of extravagant spending are coming to an end.

Chelsea owner Todd Boehly believes the club must adhere to the criteria of the Financial Fair Play regulation.

At the SuperReturn International conference in Berlin, Boehly remarked, “Financial fair play is starting to receive some fangs, and that will limit the capacity to buy players at any price.”

“UEFA takes it very seriously and will continue to do so.” [More teeth] entails monetary penalties as well as exclusion from athletic events.”

“We believe this sport’s worldwide presence is underdeveloped,” Boehly continued.

“There are four billion football enthusiasts in Europe.” The NFL has a fan base of 170 million people. The media budget for global club football is a tenth of that of the NFL.

“We’ll also be looking about how we might increase money for the players.”

“Take LeBron James of the NBA, for example. He has an entire company and a whole crew dedicated to what happens off the court.”

“I believe there is a potential to bring some of that American mindset to English sports and enhance them.”

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