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“This Mbappé is not my Mbappé,” said Florentino Perez

Florentino Perez, President of Real Madrid, stated that Kylian Mbappé had changed during the previous weeks and was no longer the player he desired to be at Real Madrid, which is why he would like for him to remain at Paris Saint-Germain.
Failure to sign Kylian Mbappé
In an interview with “El Chiringuito,” the Real Madrid president remarked, “His desire was to play at Real Madrid. We wanted to accomplish it last August, but they wouldn’t allow him leave. He continued claiming he wanted to play at Madrid, but around 15 days before, he altered the position.
He clarified that there is no player above Real Madrid while also assuring that this is not the person he intended to bring to the Merengue team.

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“This Mbappé is not the one I intended to bring; instead, he is a different player who must have altered his dream. He adapts, gets pressed, is given new opportunities, and is already a different football player. At Real Madrid, no one has authority over the group. Although he is a terrific player and may outperform others in terms of wins, this is a team sport, and our ideals and principles cannot be altered “he continued.

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Despite all, the head of the Merengue team declared his affection for the Frenchman and his uncertainty as to whether he will ever wear “merengue.”
There were several issues discussed, but he did not depart without mentioning the new Santiago Bernabéu.

“At the end of the next season, in a year. Price increases and a shortage of supplies have been brought on by the war. The swearing-in? He will receive an invitation and attend. Sanz, Alejandro There are undoubtedly a lot of Madridistas “.

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