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Thibaut Courtois ridicules Liverpool as a Real Madrid player gets a Champions League tattoo

Thibaut Courtois, the goalie for Real Madrid, added insult to Liverpool’s injury by getting a tattoo in honor of his Champions League victory. The Belgian, who stole the show in the championship, gets a brick wall tattoo on his bicep to represent his performance.

In honor of his outstanding goalkeeping performance against Liverpool in the Champions League final, Courtois got a brick wall tattoo.

Vinicius Jr. scored the game’s lone goal as Madrid defeated Liverpool 1-0, but the Los Blancos can credit Courtois for holding Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane at bay. Nine stops were made by the Belgian to stop the Reds, which set a finals record for a victorious team.

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Courtois also has ‘C1’ written in graffiti style next to his brick wall tattoo to relate to his name and jersey number. The Champions League trophy is, of course, leaning on the wall.
After failing against Madrid with Atletico in the 2014 final, Courtois was thrilled to win his first Champions League. Additionally, after defeating an English team in the final this time, Courtois criticized the country for not treating him with due respect.

The Belgian, who went from Chelsea to Madrid, insisted that the triumph was crucial for his career since he had fallen out of favor in England. “Courtois stated, “I don’t think I get enough respect, especially in England. “For my career, for all the arduous labor to earn respect for my name, I needed to win a final today.

“I wasn’t ranked among the top 10 goalkeepers in the world by a magazine in March. It’s interesting that they didn’t list me in the top 10, but I don’t believe they had to. I suppose it has to do with how I left Chelsea, yet I twice won England’s Premier League.

“Particularly after my first year with Madrid, I don’t believe I ever truly got credit for it. Many people made fun of me, but now that I’ve won, it’s good to make a return. As Madrid eliminated Chelsea from the Champions League thanks to a superb performance by Karim Benzema, Courtois also had the last laugh.

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