The next Chelsea captain announces the results of a poll conducted by Chelsea supporters


The Premier League has officially approved the takeover of Chelsea, with the Blues poised to have an owner after Roman Abramovich was forced to sell the club earlier this evening.

However, under new ownership Todd Boehly, a significant summer team renovation is poised to commence, but we also have a crucial decision to make about the club’s future.

If Cesar Azpilicueta goes as expected this summer, the squad will need a new permanent captain. Naturally, Jorginho takes over as vice president, and if he remains, I expect one of the guys mentioned below to succeed him. As a result, I included Jorginho in today’s poll, although he might still leave this summer.
After asking Blues supporters who they would want to see replace Cesar Azpilicueta as club captain on a permanent basis, we received some votes, and the comments were largely obvious.
Thiago Silva was the most popular candidate, with 43% of the vote. With 24 percent of the vote, Reece James came in second, followed by Jorginho and Mason Mount, both with 17 percent. These results are a good picture of what Blues fans want to see because they come from over 10,000 people.

If Jorginho goes, I’d choose Thiago Silva captain and Mason Mount or Reece James vice-captain for the next one or two seasons. I couldn’t decide between the two, but until Silva goes, I’d name one of them vice captain so they can get captaincy experience without having to shoulder the full weight of the club. This, in my opinion, would be a fantastic and natural move.

According to the results of a survey conducted by Talk Chelsea, Thiago Silva deserves to be the next Chelsea captain if Cesar departs.

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