‘Stop punishing Chelsea supporters,’ says the Chelsea Supporters Trust in a new letter to the government

Since Roman Abramovich and the club were sanctioned, Chelsea has been unable to sell tickets to its fans.

Chelsea has been operating under an operational license since then, with many of their actions restricted.

Following the acceptance of Todd Boehly’s bid to become Chelsea’s new owner, the Chelsea Supporters’ Trust (CST) has written to the government, demanding them to modify the laws around Chelsea’s operation and enable Chelsea fans to purchase Premier League tickets.

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“Terms have been negotiated by the Todd Boehly led group to buy Chelsea FC, subject to all relevant regulatory clearances,” the CST stated in a statement. As a result, the rationale of excluding Chelsea members from purchasing tickets to home Premier League games becomes even more implausible.

“Allowing ticket sales for the FA Cup and Champions League but not for the Premier League was an unreasonable choice that discouraged committed supporters from attending League home games.”

“Given the major change in circumstances reflected in the ownership announcement, the Chelsea Supporters’ Trust board calls on the DCMS to alter the’special licence’ promptly and for Chelsea to sell tickets to members for the club’s last two home games this season.” It is not acceptable to penalize supporters.”

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