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Shock Moment: Real Madrid stars are wearing futuristic masks in training | See more Details

In order to prepare for the upcoming season, Antonio Pintus, the Blancos’ fitness coach, developed a distinctive training regimen.
Upon returning to preseason practice at their Valdebebas base, Real Madrid players were spotted sprinting while wearing futuristic masks, but what are they intended for? GOAL has the information.

Vinicius Junior and David Alaba, among others, were observed performing conditioning and workload drills while wearing thick face masks as directed by Antonio Pintus, the Los Blancos’ fitness coach.

For Carlo Ancelotti’s team, the physical trainer has devised intricate strategies to ensure that they can battle on all fronts at the crunch point of the season with the least amount of hardship by staying in the greatest possible form.
Why do Real Madrid players use masks during practice?
The masks, which have been likened to Bane’s in the blockbuster Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises from 2012, are largely designed to mimic the effects of exercising at altitude. The test findings will assist Pintus in creating a training program that is customized for each person based on their needs.

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The Madrid coach is renowned for his cutting-edge workout and training regimens that are designed to get the most out of his players. He has used these extensive facial coverings before while practicing.

During the 2021 pre-season, he used the same props to push the players the extra mile. The Madrid players were put through comparable fitness tests while wearing a mask and a backpack even in January 2022, prior to their Copa del Rey match against Athletic Club.
What has Pintus commented on the team’s mask usage at Real Madrid?
In an interview with Real Madrid TV, Pintus detailed the specifics of how the fitness test operates, stating: “The exam is conducted using a mask with a layer 5 system. Without a doubt, that is not hypoxia training. The goal of the test is to determine each player’s current power as well as their aerobic and anaerobic thresholds.

“The mask analyzes carbs and oxygen. To ascertain the player’s current state, we need to know the ratio of one to the other.
The victory helps to personalize or at least provide some direction to the effort the squad is undertaking, the Madrid coach added.

Pre-season training is built on a long run aerobic foundation and is then utilized in conjunction with the direction and goal of shorter, quicker runs.

What kind of pre-World Cup training does Pintus have planned for Real Madrid?
The FIFA World Cup, which will begin on November 21, 2022, will make the 2022–23 season distinct in its own right. Around 15 Real Madrid players are potentially going to the major competition in Qatar, with the rest of the team planning to continue training in Valdebebas.

Pintus has created two distinct training schedules since the two groups of athletes will require quite different approaches to conditioning.

The World Cup-related training break in November will be advantageous for him, he claimed, as it would allow for the completion of a second preseason and more preparation for the players who will remain behind. “For the players that are traveling to the World Cup, it will be different.

“When they return, they will need to completely recuperate before gradually going back to work. There will be a significant difference between the two groups.


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