Romelu Lukaku, was put on a special diet by Inter Milan because result claims he is fat

Romelu Lukaku and Inter Milan have decided that in order to lose weight and get back in shape before the start of the Serie A season, he will require specialized training and a rigorous diet.

A report in the German newspaper BILD claims that Inter has rehired one of the top chefs to assist Lukaku with his meals. His workout has also been planned to help him regain the weight that would enable him to resume playing at his peak.
In part, because he was put on a particular diet that mostly consisted of fish, salad, vegetables, and chicken, the Belgian forward had a successful two-year stint with the team between 2019 and 2021.

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The former Manchester United forward is rumored to enjoy pasta, and while the club did allow him to occasionally indulge, they forced him to consume Shirataki noodles, which are comparable to glass noodles and have substantially fewer calories than their Italian counterparts.

The fact that Lukaku arrived from Chelsea weighing 101 kg is the main cause for concern for Inter Milan’s coaching staff right now.

The unsuccessful return of Lukaku to Chelsea
Lukaku cost Chelsea £97.5 million, but it was widely known before the turn of the year that he was dissatisfied with the club and wanted to leave.

His performance on the field suffered due to ankle ailments, and he was punished for an interview he gave to Sky Italy without Chelsea’s permission.
Because of his injury, Chelsea improved during his absence, and he wasn’t always the starter.

Last season, he was only able to score eight goals while playing for the team, and it quickly became apparent that leaving was in the best interests of all sides.
To fill the void left by the loss of Lukaku, Chelsea has subsequently acquired English forward Raheem Sterling from Premier League champions Manchester City.

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