Roman Abramovich, a investor, has revealed when he plans to sue the Premier League and the UK government

Andrey Chervichenko, the former president of Spartak Moscow, has expressed his surprise at the seizure of Chelsea from Roman Abramovich.

On March 2, Abramovich put Chelsea up for sale, but the club was taken from him after he was sanctioned by the UK government.

In the previous 24 hours, he has witnessed Chelsea accept a bid from Todd Boehly’s consortium to become the new owner.

Last week, reports surfaced that Abramovich had sought the £1.6 billion owing to him by the club, which the Russian has now refuted via a club statement.

Chervichenko, on the other hand, feels that Roman Abramovich does not want Chelsea to suffer, therefore the takeover, and that the subject will be taken to court in a few years.

“A really murky scenario, utterly unintelligible to me,” Chervichenko told Sport-Express. “If the owner did not get the money, then why sell it at all?” This is understandable if it is part of a scheme in which a portion of the money will go to him or the sanctions will be weakened.

“It’s tough to say when just 1/5 of the portion is visible and the other 4/5 is hidden in the shadows, and there’s a cabal at work.”

“Look, I’m the owner of my club, and they’re attempting to rob me of both the club and the money. Why do I need it?” It’s better to refuse and say, “Take it as you like, but I’ll sue and take it all away from you in 20-30 years.” When you offer yourself, it’s one thing; when you’re taken away, it’s another.

“The same thing happened in Europe when, years later, the Jews were handed back their money that had been confiscated by the Nazis. So, after some time, you’ll be able to suit back, or return, or at the very least get the money.

“Most likely, we don’t know anything, and I don’t think Abramovich is the sort of man chevalier to chevalier.”

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