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Revealed: Attacker Real Madrid should not think twice before signing

In the summer of 2022, Real Madrid will be on the lookout for another forward. They may even sign two: a right-winger who can start most games and a fresh backup for Karim Benzema.

Los Blancos will not be desperate despite having a lot of money to spend. Real Madrid will not be forced to overpay, but they will be unable to make any deals since rival teams are aware that they have a large sum of money left over after failing to recruit Kylian Mbappe.

Real Madrid has an obvious market potential in Serge Gnabry. Gnabry, like Robert Lewandowski of Bayern Munich, has only one year remaining on his contract. He does not appear to want to stay, as he has turned down renewal offers from Die Roten after renewal offer. He want more money as well as a new challenge.


Real Madrid recruited a free agent from Bayern Munich last summer who desired exactly those things. David Alaba stepped into Sergio Ramos’ enormous shoes and helped Real Madrid win the Champions League.

In the Bundesliga, Serge Gnabry scored 14 goals.
Despite the fact that Gnabry lacks his friend’s illustrious heritage, he has been a regular standout for Die Roten throughout the years. Gnabry was a star and leader for two well-known Bundesliga teams, Hoffenheim and Werder Bremen, prior to that. He was the driving force behind the teams.

Gnabry is now even better and at the pinnacle of his abilities. He provides final product for Bayern every year. Gnabry was one of the best ball progressors in the Bundesliga this season, scoring 14 goals and adding five assists. He dribbled roughly two times each game and made 1.4 critical passes.

Bayern Munich is presently asking for 40 million euros for Gnabry, preferring to receive something for the talented winger over nothing. That is a respectable sum for a fantastic player, but Real may be able to negotiate lower if it is clear that Gnabry will not remain elsewhere.

Only a higher bidder could prevent Real from receiving Gnabry at a reduced price. You’d have to assume he’s had his eye on the Merengues for a long and has heard good things about them from ex-Bayern players.

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