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Report: Hazard set to take off at Real Madrid

The adage “the third time’s the charm” is something Eden Hazard will be trying to test in his third season as he strives to prove to Real Madrid his genuine abilities.

He sustained an ankle injury in the 2019–20 season, which has since been a source of resentment for him and has only just permitted him to make 66 appearances over the course of three seasons.
During the team’s Champions League celebrations, he promised that he will finally demonstrate his talent in the upcoming campaign, and Kylian Mbappe’s failed transfer provides him a better opportunity to do so.

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cherished in the changing area
Hazard is one of the most adored players in the locker room despite his lack of significance on the field due to his contribution to the team’s dynamics.

Although he hasn’t been able to contribute on the field, he has in what are known as the “intangibles”: his ability to work as a team, mentor young players, and comprehend Carlo Ancelotti’s judgments, even when they haven’t been in his favor.

The Belgian is making the most of his remaining free time and exercising diligently to maintain his physical fitness, which was a weakness at the beginning of his first two seasons in Madrid.

He was spotted this past Sunday with Toni Nadal at the Rafa Nadal Academy in Athens, seeming to be in good health.

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