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Report: AC Milan is in the lead in the competition to get Asensio from Real Madrid

According to a story this Sunday in La Gazzetta Dello Sport, AC Milan is highly interested in acquiring Real Madrid forward Marco Asensio. In fact, they are so intrigued that they are now appearing to be the winger’s most likely destination.

Asensio was highlighted on the top page of La Gazzetta with the heading “Asensio, a present for [Milan football director] Maldini.”
However, it appears that Real Madrid would demand at least €40 million to release Asensio, while Milan can only pay €30 million. This might provide a financial challenge for the Italian club. Additionally, Asensio may potentially receive greater offers from Premier League teams like Arsenal or Liverpool, who have also expressed interest, according to the same report, than the roughly €4 million/year the Rossoneri are able to give him.

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In any case, it appears like Asensio will leave Real Madrid this summer in order to play enough minutes to compete in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Asensio appears to be leaving the team because the organization doesn’t want him to sign a free-agent contract in the summer of 2023.

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