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Reason Why Gabriel Jesus will be a good fit for Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid

According to recent rumors, Real Madrid has found a new supporter for Karim Benzema in the form of Gabriel Jesus.

Real Madrid has already made two major blunders in the shape of Mariano Diaz and Luka Jovic in their search for a suitable backup striker. As a result, the club is patient and will use these three months to identify the appropriate man for the team.

It is self-evident that the player who replaces both Luka Jovic and Mariano Diaz must accept a reduction in playing time. The issue with both existing players is that, although accepting their lack of function, they failed to produce when it was required of them.

Of all, you can’t expect a player who hasn’t played in a game in a long time to start a game out of the blue and give the same results as a regular starter. It takes time to settle in, clean off the rust, and deliver some satisfying effects.

When you play for a big club like Real Madrid, though, you don’t get that chance. You can’t expect the club to comprehend why you’re not doing as well as you should. As a result, Real Madrid is searching for players that can easily integrate into their system and assist the club going forward, scoring goals, and motivating others to give it they’re all.

Some good prospects have surfaced, but Real Madrid will need to carefully assess them. Raul de Tomas (RDT), Gabriel Jesus, Borja Mayoral, and Juamni Latasa are among the contenders.
Gabriel Jesus would be an excellent fit for Real Madrid.
Gabriel Jesus, I’m sure, doesn’t receive a lot of playing time. Pep Guardiola likes Bernardo Silva to start as a false nine, or that he does not play for Brazil. Gabriel Jesus, on the other hand, I believe will be a terrific match for Real Madrid.

With the amount of time he has today, he wouldn’t mind if the same thing happened to him at Real Madrid. He may also expect greater playing time and a move to Real Madrid, and here’s why.

Gabriel Jesus is a high-quality individual. Because of his versatility, the Brazilian can play in any attacking position, including RW, ST, and even LW if necessary. He’s a great dribbler, and his pressuring is his most appealing trait.

Gabriel Jesus is not near as talented as Karim Benzema, but I believe the Brazilian has the upper hand when it comes to pressure. He’s a lot younger, and he presses a lot. He works well with the rest of the squad, and his physical power allows him to effortlessly dominate the opposition’s box.

Gabriel Jesus might cause difficulties for Real Madrid.
Now we’ll get to the most crucial component of the deal: the financials. Gabriel Jesus is apparently seeking €5 million, which is a bargain when compared to the sums paid to Luka Jovic and Mariano Diaz by Real Madrid.


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