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Real Madrid need to come up with a plan for their forgotten talent

This summer, Real Madrid completed the majority of their crucial tasks, such as signing Aurelien Tchouameni and Antonio Rudiger and extending contracts with players like Vinicius Jr. However, Los Blancos must also consider the futures of some of their young players in addition to keeping an eye on the market for openings at striker and the right flank.

Those who are commonly mentioned include Andriy Lunin, Miguel Gutierrez, Reiner Jesus, and Takefusa Kubo. If their growth is managed properly, all four of them have the potential to be first-team stars.

However, a different bright new talent receives far less attention. In the middle of the high-profile additions, he has almost become a forgotten guy.

The team that won the UEFA Youth League in 2020 included Antonio Blanco as a captain and a key component. Then, at the conclusion of the 2020–21 campaign, he suddenly emerged, dazzling in a few outings, notably completely dominating Cadiz on the road in a 2-0 retaliation victory.

Antonio Blanco appears to have little chance of playing for Real Madrid’s first team.
Although Carlo Ancelotti touted Blanco as an equal to Eduardo Camavinga and Fede Valverde in the future Real Madrid midfield, Madridistas knew that Blanco would behind them in the standings. But even the supporters were taken aback by how little the star player for Castilla played in 2021–2022.

Blanco played in just one game and had 31 minutes of playing time in LaLiga last year. Any prospect of Blanco gaining experience with LaLiga was essentially eliminated when Dani Ceballos emerged at the end of the season.

Real Madrid considered loaning away Blanco in the middle of the season, but that was before Ceballos came back into the picture. Los Blancos could not thus risk losing depth in a battle between the Champions League and LaLiga.

Blanco is therefore a strong candidate for a loan during the summer 2022 transfer window. Although Los Blancos just paid more than 80 million euros for Monaco’s Aurelien Tchouameni, he is capable of playing as an anchoring midfielder. It was a wise choice, but Blanco’s chances of seeing the field have now dropped from “nearly nil” to “somehow less than zero.”

Blanco is too valuable to be sold, as Real would receive far less money if they did so now than they would if he had a strong loan season. His future with the first team is quite hazy. Nothing is impossible, but it seems Real Madrid has discreetly closed that door for Blanco with the acquisition of Tchouameni.

However, they must devise a strategy so that Blanco may demonstrate his abilities. Almost every club in Europe ought to be lined up to offer Blanco a starting position. I’m not kidding when I suggest that he could start for a number of Premier League powerhouses, Manchester United among them.

Blanco may go unnoticed in the media, but Madrid supporters see his immense skill and believe he should be nurtured. He cannot squander another year of his life playing only 31 minutes at the best level, thus Real Madrid must have something ready for him.


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