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Real Madrid is desperately trying to convince another player to leave

Real Madrid must complete their sales as quickly as possible since there won’t be any space left for new signings. Anything is possible since the summer is so long, but the club would first need to sell, as Florentino Perez recently said in an interview with El Chiringuito.

Some players want to finish out their contracts before moving on to another club, while others seek greater playing time. One of such players is Jesus Vallejo, who reportedly has no interest in leaving the team this year.

Vallejo wants to stay at the club, and Jorge Picon claims that the club would have to persuade him to go.

They created a headache for themselves when Vallejo refused to leave Real Madrid.
I believe the club is beginning to understand that they can’t just grant contract extensions anymore. Take a look at the incidents that have occurred in recent years. Real would extend certain players’ contracts unfairly, and when such players failed to live up to expectations, Real would try to offload them.

Some athletes choose to do that, such as Jovic, who will soon be joining Fiorentina on loan. Others, like Vallejo and Mariano, were given terrible contracts by the club and are now suffering as a result.

The club is now realizing that it cannot just give out contracts in that manner. The players have every right to continue playing for the team for the duration of their contract in order to continue earning the money they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Having said that, don’t the players also need to restart their careers? Despite not quite making our list of the greatest 75 Real Madrid players of all time, Vallejo, who is presently 25 years old, has had offers from clubs like Espanyol and is still coming off some fantastic cameos for the club. It all depends on when he decides it’s time to proceed. Obviously, Real Madrid would want it to occur right now, but it’s difficult.
Even though it is well known that Antonio Rudiger would limit his playing time, he may still continue with the team for at least another season. According to this story, Real are attempting to persuade the player to go, but they are aware that the player has every right to remain.

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