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Real Madrid is at big risk with not signing a backup for Karim Benzema next season

Without a striker with enough ability, Real Madrid cannot operate.
Mayoral and Latasa being the main possibilities behind Benzema going into the 2022–23 season, though, is a major risk.

Take a look at what transpired last season while Benzema was injured. When Luka Jovic replaced the injured Benz against Real Sociedad and Atletico Madrid at the beginning of the season, Real Madrid was alright. But after that, he started to lose steam, and Real struggled without Benz, losing to Barcelona 4-0 while the striker was injured. False nine theories fell flat, as Real struggled to advance the ball anytime Benz wasn’t on the field or wasn’t fully healthy.

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Given his heavy workload for both Real Madrid and the French national team, even Benzema’s exceptional fitness is being put to the test by the demanding routine of football. Rest has to be Benz’s first concern, especially with the World Cup coming winter. Real Madrid needs to limit his playing time in order to extend his career.

They thus need a reliable backup striker. a goal-scoring individual. Someone reliable. a seasoned individual. a someone has the capacity to engage others in the game. Not even close to being able to, they can find someone talented enough to take Benzema’s position on the field while still allowing Real to easily win games in LaLiga in the event that Benz takes a break, gets injured, or is otherwise unable to participate.

The danger of not doing so is quite high. It implies that Real Madrid can see an unstoppable decline in their most crucial position. In Madrid, the 9 is a coveted position. The center of the squad serves as the inspiration and the person that all other players look up to because of how this team is arranged, particularly with the youthful wingers.
Carlo is accurate. Real cannot be happy with their current situation. They must take the initiative because the opposition—whether it’s PSG or Manchester City—certainly is.

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