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Real Madrid boss revealed what he has prepared for Kylian Mbappe Next season

Real Madrid has been planning a fantasy transfer window behind the scenes. It hasn’t gone as planned, with the club becoming increasingly negative about Erling Haaland with each passing report.
They do, however, have Mbappe to look forward to, and they are optimistic that the trade will be completed sooner rather than later.
Mbappe’s signing would be extremely beneficial to the club. It will relieve the pressure on Benzema to score and create since Mbappe has evolved into a wonderful opportunity maker for his teammates.
The deal has yet to be signed, according to Gianluca DiMarzio, but the club is quite confident in its ability to pull it off this time.
He has also discussed the contract’s specifics.

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For anyone wondering why Mbappe would refuse PSG’s offer of so much money, keep in mind that A) it’s obviously not all about the money, and B) Real Madrid isn’t broke! When you think about it, they’re offering a substantial sum of money.
I’d never heard of a signing bonus of $100 million before. Even for a club as large as Real Madrid, this is a significant sum.
Aside from that, Mbappe has been offered a 50 million euro salary (25 million net) and a five-year deal by Real Madrid. PSG, on the other hand, hasn’t given up. They’re still fighting to keep him, but I don’t think it’ll work.
According to the source, the club attempted to complete this transaction in the Cristiano Ronaldo way. Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Real Madrid was completed in 2008, a full year before the transfer took place.
They included the future transfer cost for Manchester United, as well as a 30 million euro penalty for both Real and Ronaldo if the transaction is not completed within the next year. This was attempted with Mbappe, but it was unsuccessful.
Mbappe will almost certainly join Real Madrid once the season finishes, ushering in a new era for the club. A period in which Benzema and Mbappe, two of the world’s best players, are at the forefront.

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