Premier League could implement a new policy that will benefit Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham

The start of the new Premier League campaign is quickly approaching. At Selhurst Park, Arsenal and Crystal Palace will kick off the new season in 18 days.

The summer transfer window has brought about a lot of upheaval, as it does every season, and the stage will witness both well-known and unfamiliar faces. With the addition of five players to their roster, Tottenham has been one of the clubs with the busiest recruitment schedules.

With four additions, Arsenal comes in just behind Chelsea, although Chelsea had a sluggish start to the window but has since added two players to their roster. But there was still plenty of time to make additional moves.

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After running a close race the previous season, all three London clubs will be hoping they have a chance to place in the top four next year. After a good start, the Blues finished third, securing another season in the Champions League.

The two North London rivals fought tooth and nail, but in the end, Spurs emerged victorious, placing fourth and reentering the elite European tournament. The Europa League had to be settled for as the Gunners almost missed out.
The regulations will alter for the next season, with the most recent one aiming to reduce time wastage. The Daily Mail reports that a method known as “multi-ball” will now need 10 footballs to be used over the whole field.

There will be one ball in play, one for the fourth official, and eight extra balls scattered all across the field. There will also be “ball helpers,” whose job it is to provide the player with a ball at a certain location.

To avoid prejudice or time wastage, eight helpers must be present across the field and they must toss the ball back to each side at the same speed. It might benefit the team in many ways, as it did when Tottenham scored quickly with the assistance of a ballboy in a Champions League match loss to Olympiakos in 2019.

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