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‘No more lies,’ say Liverpool fans, as a French lawmaker calls for an investigation into the Champions League final

The fallout from Saturday’s events at the Stade de France is still being felt, with Reds fans retaliating against the governing body.
The fallout from Saturday’s Champions League final continues, with the Liverpool fans’ association, Spirit of Shankly, criticizing UEFA’s “false narrative” in the wake of tumultuous pre-match events.

Meanwhile, Richard Bouigue, deputy mayor of Paris’ 12th arrondissement, lauded Reds fans for their attitude and behavior leading up to the game, while calling for a “serious and comprehensive” probe of the French authorities in charge of security.

UEFA has already indicated that it will commission an independent investigation into the incidents outside the Stade de France, in which supporters were crushed and subjected to tear gas and pepper spray assaults by police pre to kickoff, before being attacked and intimidated by local gangs following.
What has the Liverpool Supporters’ Association stated?
Spirit of Shankly published a statement titled “No More Lies” on Tuesday evening, condemning the “shameful, false charges” leveled against supporters since Saturday and promising to “bring those guilty to account.”

“We understood what was occurring from the minute UEFA broadcast the notification on the large screens inside Stade de France on Saturday [that] ‘the match has been delayed owing to the late arrival of supporters,'” it read. The fabrication of the story had begun.

“UEFA and the French authorities swiftly changed their tune, claiming that it was really due to supporters arriving without tickets.” Local media had presumably sent this information to European football’s regulatory body, who took it and ran with it. They didn’t thought to double-check its authenticity for a second.

“Even before the game began, the blame game was in full swing. The excuse machinery at UEFA, the French government, and the media are in overdrive. But, because to the strength of social media and the eyes of fans, they were immediately exposed. As a result, the focus shifted to ticket forgeries. Another heinous deception.

“Saturday’s disarray and incompetence was a great illustration of UEFA and local authorities’ inability to prepare.”

“We have seen UEFA crumple and consent to the first-ever independent investigation, carefully pivoting away from the French authorities,” it continued.

“The French people and sections of the media are exposing the lies and mistruths of their own government ministers, demanding for resignations in the process. SOS has received several dramatic accounts from our members, and we know that Saturday’s events were chaotic and highly traumatizing for many.

“We owe a forceful and vigorous challenge to those who created that scenario and followed it up with falsehoods to all LFC supporters, and indeed all football fans.” That is exactly what we are doing, and our words are being heard. Fans are becoming the answer, not the issue, as the tide is turning.

“We will continue to work in the coming weeks, for as long as it takes, to hold those involved accountable.”
What did the deputy mayor of the 12th arrondissement of France say?
Bouigue wrote to Spirit of Shankly that the Liverpool fan park, located at Cours de Vincennes in the 12th arrondissement, was a success, thanks in part to the “excellent collaboration, good attitude, and good behavior” of Reds fans on site and in the surrounding neighborhoods.

“With your songs, excitement, and good attitude, you were able to comfort everyone,” he wrote, “to bring a neighborhood to life, to invigorate it.” I wanted to express my gratitude to you.”

Bouigue, who had worked closely with Liverpool and local authorities on the planning of the fan park, which he said drew around 45,000 fans on Saturday afternoon, went on to express his “deep regret” for the situation at the Stade de France, and chastised the “lack of order” that had led to the chaos.

“We owe you – and ourselves – a serious and thorough inquiry, which will be conducted out in the coming days, with representatives of Liverpool supporters and appropriate English authorities,” he continued.

All of the facts must be revealed, the parties responsible must be identified, and reforms must be implemented so that this sort of mayhem, which must have brought back memories of the Hillsborough disaster for many supporters, never occurs again.

“A football game should always be a party.”

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