News Update: Marina Granovskaia set to pocket £20m for a job well done

Chelsea director Marina Granovskaia and chairman Bruce Buck are expected to be ecstatic once Todd Boehly’s takeover is finalised, according to sources.

Once the sale is finalized, a staggering £50 million has been set aside for incentives, with Marina apparently taking the lion’s share.

The incentive is part of the £4.25 billion agreement, and it will be given to employees who contributed to the deal’s success.

According to The New York Times, Granovskaia and Bruce Buck played key roles in determining the preferred bidder for the takeover and would be handsomely compensated for their work.

According to The Times, the two will get “transaction and retention incentives” for their role in the club’s purchase process, which they handled alongside Raine Group.

According to the article, Granovskaia will receive 40% of the money (£20 million), with the rest going to Bruce Buck and a small group of Chelsea employees who have been working on the transaction for the previous two months.

According to the article, individuals who are eligible for incentives worked “24 hours a day for five weeks” to close the transaction.

Boehly is said to be the person in charge of setting the club’s bonus scheme for employees.

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