Mourinho reveals why he won’t praise Tammy Abraham despite the fact that he scored the game-winning goal

After scoring the game-winning goal that sent Roma to the Europa Conference League final, the former Chelsea striker spoke about his skills.

At the Stadio Olimpico, Abraham’s 11th-minute strike was the difference in a 2-1 aggregate triumph over Leicester City.

“My role is to be aggressive around the box,” Abraham told BT Sport full-time of his ambition.

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“I’m the type of striker that does it.”

“Whenever I see an opportunity, I attempt to seize it.” I’m not the best at heading, but I did very well today.

“It was a bit of a shock, but it doesn’t matter who’s following me; if I smell an opportunity, I have to take it.”

Abraham, who was substituted late in the game, acknowledged he was exhausted and couldn’t breathe at one point.

“I tried, and my crew tried,” he continued. You had to offer everything you had. Everything was left outside.

“I couldn’t breathe for the last several minutes.” He advised me to keep going, which I did.”

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