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Marco Asensio revealed why he’s no longer belongs at Real Madrid

Marco Asensio, a right winger for Real Madrid, was considered one of Europe’s most promising young players. More importantly, during the three-peat, the current No. 11 scored several crucial goals for the Merengues.

Asensio was a vital component in the 2019/20 LaLiga-winning season, coming from an ACL rupture that summer to score with his first touch against Valencia. He then went on to deliver some more upbeat moments.

Asensio has scored ten goals this season, including a couple of game-winners. When he came off the bench for Real Madrid, he was something of a super-sub.

However, the sad fact is that Real would not have won the Champions League if the 26-year-old had continued to start. He’s a superb shooter who can score goals, but he doesn’t do much else, as seen by his 0 assists. Asensio is a mediocre facilitator at best; his agility has been drained by the injury, his dribbling abilities are rudimentary for a Madrid winger, and his defensive work rate is appalling.

When Real Madrid benched Asensio in the Champions League, they improved.
Carlo Ancelotti ultimately started Fede Valverde ahead of him in the Champions League against PSG, and then relegated him even lower behind Rodrygo Goes, who scored three critical goals in two pivotal second legs in the Champions League quarterfinals and semifinals.

Marco Asensio offered verbal evidence to back up what we observed on the pitch in an interview with El Larguero. He isn’t a poor player, but he isn’t a Real Madrid player:

“I also want to improve in all areas and have consistency throughout the year, not just for three or four months.” You must appreciate the coach’s decisions and be ready when he offers you the chance. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished; it’s been my most productive goal-scoring season to date. In the minutes I had, I did the best I could.”

“In Madrid, there is a lot of competitiveness; the coach makes the decisions, and you must follow them.” However, consistency and trust are critical throughout a player’s season to ensure that everything runs well. When a player only has 15 minutes to score, he quickly tires out, especially mentally. I’m not saying he hasn’t trusted; on the contrary, he has. However, it is critical for everyone.”

These quotations are not irrational, and they may even appear to be positive on the surface. It’s crucial, though, to never accept things at face value and to probe further into what he’s saying.

Marco Asensio did not take use of his chances.
This season, Asensio made 19 starts for Real Madrid in LaLiga. In terms of total minutes played, he was 12th on the squad, with more than Rodrygo Goes and Eduardo Camavinga. Asensio had the same number of starts as Fede.

However, he did not take use of his possibilities. He did not shown the all-around ability to be a starter for Real Madrid, and the results in the Champions League speak for themselves. This squad was better while he wasn’t on the field. As a result, he had the consistency and the trust. Younger, hungrier, and better players just outplayed him. But he never mentions Fede or Rodrygo or gives them any credit in the quotes. He rarely gives the younger players credit, unlike the other older players on the club.

Let’s move on to a topic that is far more problematic. He grumbled about just receiving 15 minutes and was mentally exhausted, wishing for more consistency throughout the year.

What’s more, guess what? You must earn the right to continue. He’s effectively suggesting that he wants to start every game right away, without having to earn it. That’s exactly what he’s trying to express. He’s implying that he doesn’t want the pressure of having to prove himself off the bench, whereas Camavinga, Rodrygo, Fede, Dani Ceballos, Vini, and even Premier League great Eden Hazard don’t mind. Asensio is the only player on the team that makes comments like this.

Real Madrid will not tolerate this mentality. Other teams will, and Asensio should join them. He’ll be successful there. However, if your yo-yo performances go from “good” to “unknown,” you only get 3-4 months in Madrid. Most Madridistas believe Asensio’s three to four months in the city were excessive.


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