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Marcelo: “Today is my happiest day at Real Madrid; I feel like I’ve accomplished all I set out to do.”

Marcelo has spoken his farewells to Real Madrid, while insisting that he does not feel like he is leaving the club where he has spent the previous 15 and a half years.

On Monday, he began his goodbye ceremony and news conference by addressing from the platform while fighting back tears. “I made a pledge to myself that I would strive to talk properly… He said, “I think I’m over it…,” before weeping again.

“I want to thank the club and all my teammates and coaches from all these years,” he continued after fighting back tears. In addition, there are the kitmen, who have become like family. The others who work here, the security crew, everyone in the background, those who do the grunt work so that we may concentrate on football. As a result, I’d want to express my gratitude to everyone who has contributed to Real Madrid, the finest club in the world. I’d like to express my gratitude to my wife, who has always been there for me, as well as my children. We have dogs, a turtle, and a cat at home!”

“I go as the player who has won the most titles at the finest club in the world,” the left-back finished the first half of the ceremony. It is not a depressing day. It’s a wonderful day. We, on the other hand, cry because of all the wonderful memories. Everyone who cares about me is proud of me. I’m grateful for the help I’ve received.”

Marcelo explains why he’s going.
Marcelo afterwards conducted a news conference in which he answered journalists’ queries and spoke on how he felt at this point. “We had a discussion and we agreed mutually that it was time to depart,” Marcelo stated of the club’s decision not to renew his contract. I’ve always wanted to end on a positive note. I wouldn’t have appreciated being granted another year or two out of pity.”

Marcelo’s campaign for 2021/22
Looking back on the previous season, Marcelo stated that he had a lot of fun in his new job. “I’ve always played a lot more than I haven’t,” he stated. I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve avoided injuries and have had excellent coaches and teammates. However, I haven’t played much this season. Nonetheless, I witnessed this season how I might be effective even if I didn’t play. I felt a sense of added duty. This season taught me a great deal. I discovered that you don’t have to play every game in order to win a league title or a Champions League trophy. That was a wonderful gesture. I appeared in four of the five Champions League finals that we won. Even though I didn’t play, it was the final one where I felt the most significant. How is that possible? Because I chatted with Rodrygo, Éder Milito, and Rodrygo ahead of time, which I hadn’t done previously. It’s fun to play, but even without touching the ball, this was unique.”

Marcelo’s ambitions for the future
When questioned about his plans for the future, he said, “No, I’m not thinking about retiring right now.” But I haven’t given much consideration to the future. I’ll say something when I have something to say. I’m constantly in the moment. I’ll most likely announce it on Instagram. I’m not afraid of the future. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished throughout my time at Real Madrid. [Playing against Real Madrid] would not be an issue for me. I’m a really professional person, and Real Madrid taught me how to be such.”

There’s a chance he’ll return to Real Madrid in the future, albeit it won’t be as a coach. “I don’t think about returning since I don’t feel like I’m going,” Marcelo stated. But, no, I don’t believe returning would be an issue. It’s not a farewell. You’ll have an issue if I come back here and ask for a ticket and don’t get one! However, I do not consider myself to be a coach. I’ve never been a big fan of tactics. Consider me as a coach! I don’t think I’m cut out for coaching. Maybe I could pick it up, but I don’t believe it’s worth my time.”

Real Madrid’s future, according to Marcelo
He is optimistic about Real Madrid’s immediate future, saying, “I feel like an academy graduate and I know how the academy operates.” When I say Real Madrid’s future is bright, I’m referring to the fact that the future has already arrived. Now is the time. My kid is also a student at the academy!”

Marcelo recalls his fondest memory
When he was asked which day of his Real Madrid career was the happiest, one of the greatest statements of his press conference came from him. “It’s today,” he said, “because I’ve done all I wanted and needed to accomplish, and I’m leaving here extremely satisfied.”

Marcelo’s reaction to Ral’s gift
Marcelo related a tale about how Ral took him under his wing when he first arrived at the club. “Ral, when my first kid Enzo was born, you as captain handed us a basket,” Marcelo reminded the crowd, which included the Spaniard. It was stuffed with baby items, and you also offered me a lot of advise. In football, I’ve had a lot of role models, and I’ve always wanted to follow your lead.”

The Spaniard, as well as Marcelo, shed a tear or two as a result of this.

Marcelo on Roberto Carlos’s comparisons
It’s only natural for Marcelo to be compared to Roberto Carlos, and that topic has resurfaced. “He was my hero,” the younger Brazilian left-back legend remarked. I was brought in to fill in for Roberto Carlos, but I never wanted to be in that position. I’ve always wanted to write my own tale, which I’m still working on. He was superior in my perspective, although others could disagree.”

Marcelo’s Zidane remark
Marcelo began by making a joke about his relationship with Zinedine Zidane, stating, “Oh, I’m not on speaking terms with Zidane because we’ve had numerous conflicts… No, no, no! You should’ve seen your expressions!”

He then proceeded to reveal his true answer: “Because of my age, he wasn’t like a father to me, but more like a big brother.” I get along well with him and his two boys.”

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