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Kylian Mbappe requires a concession from Lionel Messi in order for Real Madrid to live to regret their snub.

PSG were enjoying their own significant success on the other side of the French capital while Real Madrid celebrated their Champions League triumph at the Stade de France.

Before the game, a lone Real Madrid fan strolled through Paris with a placard that said, “Mbappe, you will regret.”

The inability of the Spanish club to sign Paris Saint-Germain striker Kylian Mbappe dominated the build-up to last month’s Champions League final.

Real felt they had enticed the Frenchman away from his nation by offering him a free ride. However, a change of heart occurred, and strings were pulled. He stayed in Paris for three more years because he was offered more money and influence at Parc des Princes. That is, after all, the duration of the deal he has signed.

Those in Spain, as well as that brave fan in Paris, feel Mbappe made the wrong choice. Those in Paris, on the other hand, aren’t so sure. There was still a buzz inside PSG’s house as Real prepared to overcome Liverpool later that day to capture their 14th European Cup.
Even though the main event was taking place on the opposite side of town, spectators continued to throng to the 16th arrondissement. Some were leaving the stadium after a tour, while others were inside the club shop purchasing the No. 7 jerseys of their idol, who had signed the contract just days before.

“We’re selling hundreds more,” one of the shop employees remarked of the Mbappe jerseys on offer. Meanwhile, Leo, a resident of Paris, strolled in front of the legendary wall on the ground.
“It was a tense period,” he said. “We were overjoyed when we received the news. It, I believe, instills genuine faith in us.

“Right now, he’s the most promising player on the planet.” In the next ten years, he will dominate like [Cristiano] Ronaldo, and ideally at PSG.”
There was definitely a sense of happiness in the air. However, there was some worry… Ozan, a PSG supporter who had traveled over from Germany, remarked, “I think he now has too much authority.” “Perhaps he’s larger than the team.”

One thing is certain: PSG, Mbappe, and president Nasser Al-Khelaifi, who has been tasked by Qatar to win the Champions League, are now under extreme pressure to produce.

“It’s enormous that he’ll stay,” said Christophe Remise, a writer for La Figaro Sport who follows PSG. “It’s a tremendous deal for PSG, and it’s a great one for Qatar.” Is Neymar, who is 30, still the player he was if he moved to Real Madrid, like he wanted to do last season?

“You have Messi, who is nearing 35 years old and is coming off a poor season. You’ll have to rebuild without Mbappe. You can construct a team around Mbappe.”
Now is the time to start working on the building project. According to Remise, the midfield is crucial. “[Gini] Wijnaldum was a fantastic player at Liverpool, but it didn’t work out in France,” he explained. “He’s been a ghost for the majority of the season.”

“They’ll need to add a couple of big midfielders.” Perhaps Paul Pogba, who has been linked with a move to Juventus. Mbappe is a significant addition; I believe he is the finest player in the world; nevertheless, when you are the type of player who remains, it says a lot, and it may encourage players to believe that “it is in Paris that I must be.”

Before signings can be made, major choices in the management structure must be taken. PSG won Ligue 1 but lost in the last-16 of the Champions League against Real Madrid.

“There was a major transfer window last summer, and there were a lot of expectations that weren’t met,” Remise explained. “They recently won the league, but it wasn’t a particularly successful season for them.”

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