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Kroos does not want to renew his contract for now — report

Toni Kroos may retire from football ‘early,’ according to reports. This comes as no surprise. ‘Early’ is a relative term, as Kroos will be 34 when his present deal expires in 2023. Kroos, in particular, wants to retire ‘on top,’ rather than after a period of decline.

Kroos does not want to renew his contract for the time being, according to a report from SER Deportivos in Spain, but he does so from a good position, since he does not want to bind the club to a long-term deal if he is going to retire early.

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“Toni Kroos will not renew his Real Madrid contract,” SER Deportivos reported on Twitter, citing Francisco José Delgado’s radio show. “He chooses to wait because he does not want to be a liability to the club.”

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“An unexpected response from Real Madrid.”

It’s worth noting that Marca already reported on this a few months ago, so the problem isn’t exactly fresh news. Furthermore, I’d be wary of the claim that Kroos’ choice has stunned Real Madrid.

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