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Just months before Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure, Sir Alex Ferguson raged at the Real Madrid “crowd.”

Real Madrid’s approach to Cristiano Ronaldo enraged Sir Alex Ferguson to the point where he dubbed them a “riot.”

During his six years with Manchester United, Ronaldo had established himself as one of the top players in the world, winning the Ballon d’Or in 2008. His efforts with the Red Devils drew the attention of Real Madrid, the La Liga powerhouse.

They wanted to assemble a new squad of Galacticos superstars, with Ronaldo, United’s talisman, as the team’s main attraction. However, their ambition to sign the Portuguese superstar infuriated renowned manager Ferguson.

Ferguson launched a full-throttle attack on Los Blancos when Ronaldo was voted Premier League Player of the Year for the second year in a row. It came after their president, Ramon Calderon, made a statement.

“You become used to Madrid’s attitude on these things.” Calderon made the brilliant assertion that slavery had been abolished many, many years ago, according to what I read. So, did they inform Franco of this? “Jesus Christ, Lord!” Ferguson stated this in May of 2008.

“Give me a break,” she says. They believe they can walk all over everyone, but they will not do so with us. Real Madrid does not have any moral difficulties. Excellent clubs, like Barcelona, with great morals, have far greater morals than Real Madrid will ever have. Do you believe we have had many expressions of interest in our players from major European clubs? We know Real Madrid isn’t the only team interested in signing Ronaldo, but the other clubs aren’t outspoken about it. They aren’t involved in this crap.”

Ferguson went even farther in that year, when Madrid ramped up their efforts to sign him. “You don’t believe we’d go into a deal with that mafia, do you?” he stated in December 2008. Jesus Christ is the Son of God. “I’m not going to offer them a virus.”

Ronaldo, on the other hand, was on his way to the Bernabeu just six months later. United accepted an £80 million proposal from Los Blancos for the attacker on June 11 and gave him permission to talk to them about personal conditions, which he quickly agreed to.

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