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Just in: Real Madrid top player extended is contract to 2024

Alberto Toril, the coach of the Femenino, has had his contract with Real Madrid extended until 2024.

It comes as no surprise that Toril’s contract was extended despite Kosovare Asllani’s claims that the coaching staff fostered a hazardous workplace. It is unclear whether Asllani was referring to her time working for Toril or David Aznar, the former coach who was fired after a succession of poor performances. The club has not replied.

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When Toril came at the end of November, things immediately turned around as the dressing room was able to pull together as one. Although several injured players, like as Asllani and Marta Cardona, never actually returned for a lengthy period of time, Toril nevertheless benefited from their comeback. Madrid was able to finish third after starting the season at the bottom of the standings, qualifying for the Champions League the following year.
Toril loved to play with a very wide 4-2-3-1/4-4-2 formation, which provided defensive solidity but sometimes left the side weak against low blocks. He switched to back three looks at the conclusion of the season to snag victories late.

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The opening leg of the Champions League match between Castilla and Barcelona was the previous manager’s team’s greatest performance to yet. They held the lead for more than a half and gave Barcelona their toughest test to far.

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