‘I’ve always studied him’ – Mason Mount says of the Manchester United star he player

Mason Mount, a Chelsea midfielder, has expressed his adoration for Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

Mount has stated that he has been a fan of Ronaldo since he was a child, and that he has attempted to model portions of his game after him.

“I think everyone has seen the footage of me modelling my free kick on him when I was younger,” Mount had stated.

“When he was a young child at United, I used to keep a close eye on him. I admired his free-kicks and the way he played.

“I’m a huge Pompey supporter, so I went to the game at Old Trafford when he scored the free-kick against David James.” I was at the game, in the corner, so I witnessed it firsthand, and I believe I fell in love with the technique, what he’d done, and him as a player after that.

“So I try to look at it and figure out what I can do to include it into my game.” But now you have to play against him and be up against him. It’s a long road from watching someone from the seats to being on the same pitch as them and playing against them. It’s been a wild ride, and it’s one of the reasons I enjoy football so much.”

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