“Impact a Raphinha move,” a transfer insider suggests that unfavorable information can turn out to be advantage for Chelsea

The current state of Chelsea’s transfer negotiations is still somewhat uncertain.

Although we are informed of all the players and targets they are chasing, nothing currently appears to be moving or coming to a head.

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This summer, Ousmane Dembele has often been mentioned as one of Chelsea’s top offensive targets, but as the situation heats up, that chase may soon come to an end.

Ben Jacobs, a trustworthy transfer expert, claims that sources at Barcelona are assuring the club that Dembele will sign a new deal soon.

Although it hasn’t been decided yet, it appears that this one has gone against Chelsea and he will remain at the club.

Raphinha, another Chelsea transfer target, might be impacted, as Jacobs outlines in more detail below. Raphinha was interested in Barcelona, but if Dembele decides to stay, they might no longer need him, which might lead him to decide on Chelsea.

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