‘I’m not going to forget what you did,’ Guardiola says to Chelsea

Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, has stated that he does not forget what nine Premier League teams attempted to do to the club two years ago.

Chelsea was said to be part of a group of Premier League teams who attempted to force City out of Europe.

In February 2020, City was banned from the Champions League after UEFA judged them guilty of a “severe infringement” of financial fair play standards.

City took the matter to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), which reversed the verdict and dismissed the ban.

Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Burnley, Leicester City, Manchester United, Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, and Wolves were thought to be among the nine clubs.

The nine teams wrote to CAS, requesting a “stay of execution,” but were unsuccessful in getting City penalised.

Guardiola has stated that he has not forgotten.

“What CAS stated means a lot to all of us since it finally dispels all of our doubts.” “I can’t forget nine Premier League teams that want to kick Manchester City out of the league and European tournaments; these nine teams are pushing, and I know who they are,” Guardiola stated.

“I liked it when CAS indicated at that point that we did it right.” It’s a situation from 2012 or 2013, when I was still in Barcelona, and most of the people in charge are no longer with us, but I wouldn’t want to represent a club that does things properly [and] well; it’s not about winning the Champions League and the Premier League; it’s about doing well for our people and our fans.”

“I am the spokesman for this club and every few days I’m here [in a news conference],” Guardiola said in defense of City’s Abu Dhabi owners. Even if people don’t believe me, every single thing I uttered in all of my news appearances was because I honestly, truly believe it. Why did I stand up for the club and its members? Because I collaborate with them.

“When they’re accused of anything, I ask them to ‘tell me about it,’ and they explain it to me, and I believe them.” “If you lie to me, the next day I will not be here,” I told them. I’m leaving, and I’m not going to be your buddy anymore. I have trust in you because I have always believed in you and protect the club because of it.

“When you put something here [a sponsor on a jersey], it’s overpaying; yet, other [clubs] get their money from the United States, and the money is correct, even though it’s higher.” That is something we must deal with and combat.”

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