“I wouldn’t take him back,” ex-Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku says

Here we go again, with more remarks on the Romelu Lukaku drama.

The drama is expected to be the most explosive of the transfer season, with the Belgian international hoping to leave Chelsea and return to Inter Milan, which he left freely last summer.

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But now that things haven’t gone his way, he wants to abandon his ‘dream’ of returning to Chelsea after just one season of grumbling about the club’s systems and style of play.

Chelsea supporters are enraged with him, and properly so. And so is Antonio Cassano, a former Inter Milan striker who claims he will not bring Lukaku back to the club because he is concerned about how the supporters would respond to a player who only left them a year ago.

Cassano told his Bobo TV feed, as reported by The Evening Standard, “I wouldn’t take him back.”

“He said he was joining his ideal squad and would earn 15 million euros.” However, he no longer kicks a ball in London and wishes to return to Italy.

“With Dybala on the way, Inter’s concern is that if they get Lukaku, they’ll have to sell Lautaro. I would not sign Lukaku again.

“Also because you have to pay for him initially, but then you have to watch how the fans react: if he scores two goals each game, that’s OK, but else things get complicated.”

“Lukaku will have to consider it.” At this time, I believe he should remain at Chelsea.”

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