‘i Know That for a Fact’: Former Manager explain where Chelsea target wants to go

‘i Know That for a Fact’: Former Manager explains where Chelsea target wants to go

Manchester United and Chelsea are currently battling over Barcelona star Frenkie de Jong, and former Premier League manager Harry Redknapp has revealed what he has heard from someone right at the top of the game about the future of the Dutchman.

Where Frenkie de Jong Wants to Go This Summer Revealed by Harry Redknapp

Redknapp spoke on De Jong’s future in an interview with The Byline, bringing up the subject despite not having been questioned about it.

“Now it seems as if De Jong wants to go to Chelsea; I am certain that he does.

He genuinely wants to move to Chelsea, thus Manchester United won’t be able to sign him, according to someone at the very, very, very top of Manchester United.

“So I don’t know where they’re going if he goes to Chelsea and Manchester United doesn’t get him. Additionally, he’ll be a wonderful addition for Chelsea if they manage to sign him.

How This Affects United
This revelation has only made the precarious position of the Red Devils even worse.

They begin the new Premier League season on Sunday, but they haven’t yet added a center midfielder, which was their most pressing requirement this offseason.

They have James Garner, Scott McTominay, Donny van de Beek, and Fred as potential candidates at the moment. The former two have been United’s go-to tandem for a while, but they haven’t shown that they are capable of restoring Manchester United to their previous glory as a team.

With his inability to contribute since signing in 2020 and his failure to develop when on loan with Everton at the conclusion of the previous season, Van de Beek is maybe an even poorer choice.

The most intriguing player in this bunch, Garner has never started a Premier League game previously, making him something of an unknown in the English top division. Many are interested in finding out whether he can take that level to the pinnacle of the game and play at the Theatre of Dreams after experiencing great success during a brief stint with Nottingham Forest.

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