‘He’s a trap,’ a Chelsea fans cautions the team against signing him

‘He’s a trap,’ a Chelsea fans cautions the team against signing him

Chelsea have a strong chance of signing Ousmane Dembele this summer.

The France international is set to leave Barcelona this summer as a free agent, with Chelsea leading the race to sign the 25-year-old winger.

A Chelsea supporter, Saibot, believes the deal will be a trap because of his injury history.

“This is more essential than films of his clever little moves and dribbles, and things about how he was fantastic under Tuchel/with Pulisic,” he remarked. Dembele is a catch-22.”

Others, on the other hand, think it’s a risk worth taking.

“I’d be concerned if we were purchasing him for £40 million,” Guanciale added, “but we’re getting him for free, so we have almost nothing to lose.” And I feel our fitness program and medical staff are far superior to Barca’s.”

“Those injury figures are horrible,” Youareyes remarked. I hope we don’t wind up buying him, as much as I like his skill. He’s a PASS for me unless he ends up costing us very little (which is unlikely considering his salaries).”

“I don’t care,” Liarloserat replied, “just bring him in for free.” It’s not like Ziyech or Pulisic are always in good health. We’ll just be offloading one injury-prone player in favor of another who better matches our needs.”


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