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Guess who has decided to Leaave Real Madrid for good?

Real Madrid is generally king on and off the field, as well as in the transfer market. They know what they want and what they don’t want, so they obtain the player they want and sell the one they don’t. But there has been one player who has refused to give in to Real Madrid’s attempts to move him to another club and has remained steadfast in his desire to stay at the club. Mariano Diaz is the only one who knows.

Mariano has been on the market for three years, but the team has been unable to move him. His situation is more difficult than that of Gareth Bale, another high-paid player who has previously refused to leave the club.

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Mariano, on the other hand, has decided to quit Real Madrid. Mariano has informed the club of his choice, and he wants the club to accept any offer for him this summer, according to a MARCA report.

Mariano has been on the market for a long time.
Mariano was acquired from Lyon in the summer of 2018, following a successful season in France. At Julen Lopetegui’s request, he was recruited as a reserve striker.

A year later, the club bought Luka Jovic and attempted to offload Mariano, who was no longer required by Real. Mariano, on the other hand, did not want to leave the club and preferred to honor his long contract, which runs until 2023. He wanted to compete for a position on the squad, and no other club was willing to pay him as much as Real did to recruit him. He declined to leave in 2019, a transfer to Benfica in 2020, and even a loan move to Rayo Vallecano in 2021.

Fans thought that the club owed him a move that worked for him, based on his battling spirit on the field and moments like the goal against Barcelona. During the long wait, however, supporters realized that the only option for the club to get rid of him is if he wants to go or if his contract expires.

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