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Good news -A center forward prospect is officially signed by Real Madrid

Real Madrid, as we all know, is always constructing for the future. The only two players for whom the club hasn’t yet secured long-term successors are Karim Benzema and Dani Carvajal.

But in the hopes that one of those prospects may develop into something spectacular, Real Madrid is either bringing in new prospects or renewing the ones they already have. Having acquired Deportivo La Coruna’s Noel Lopez, a 19-year-old player, they now have that in mind.

His departure has been formally revealed by Lopez’s old team.

The next season will see Noel Lopez play for Real Madrid Castilla.
Despite the fact that Lopez hasn’t played in many games—he only played 1000 minutes and scored four goals for La Coruna last season—I think it’s a wise decision. Castilla would like to have him on their team; he is undoubtedly a talented player. You can see that he does possess Benzema-like skills, and I have no doubt that he will keep getting better.

Things may go well for the young Spanish striker if Lopez is able to win over Raul in practice, unseat Juanmi Latasa from the starting position, or persuade the manager to move to a two-striker system.

The fact that Lopez has only scored four goals as a striker is not very impressive, but there is no doubting his skill. It will be interesting to see whether Lopez can make a name for himself with a strong year for Castilla. Although he does not now have the authority to request first-team playing time, this may change in the future.
I’d be lying if I claimed I knew a lot about Real Madrid’s newest young acquisition, but I’m extremely curious to see him play more next season, surrounding a decent, but erratic, young squad, with a competent manager. There aren’t many demands placed on his shoulders at the moment, but with Real Madrid, everything is possible.

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