Former club owner slams billionaire for late Chelsea bid: ‘He’s a disruptor.’

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, a British billionaire, has been chastised by former Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan for making a late bid for Chelsea.

Early in March, soon before he was sanctioned, Abramovich stated his desire to sell the club. Only for Ratcliffe to submit a proposal just as the bidding process is about to come to an end.

Simon Jordan revealed that Jim Ratcliffe’s purported £4.25 billion proposals isn’t what it seems, as he broke down the bid and said that he was the lowest – £2.5 billion.

Jordan told talkSPORT about Ratcliffe’s late proposal, “I have no clue… being a disruptor?” His bid is the cheapest. He hasn’t bid the same amount as the other people.

“The other guys have bid close to £3 billion, and he has offered £2.5 billion, which was apparently the amount they were going to come up with, and bid a future commitment of £1.75 billion.” A future commitment, on which I expect the other guys to spend exactly as much as he is required to.

“They’re all going to the same spot if they’re going to construct the stadium, which I expect they will.”

“He had enough of opportunity to bring himself into a situation where he could have done this.” What is it that has pushed him to do this?

“There’s also the Todd Boehly bid, its make-up, and who’s behind it.” There are some fascinating people, such as Danny Finkelstein, who are not materially well-off but are intellectually well-off.

“It’s going to be Todd Boehly and his gang that comes out of it,” says the narrator.

“Whenever Jim Ratcliffe participates in sports, he does not always have the best results. He didn’t have the best results with Ben Ainslie in the America’s Cup, but the man is wealthy.

“He’s a Manchester United supporter, but it has no bearing on who you can or cannot own.”

“He could have been part in this process at some time if he wanted to be, but he probably didn’t want to be at the table in a bidding auction with other people, but this bid, which has been dressed up as £4.25 billion… What you spend in the future has no bearing on why you bought the football club in the first place.

“There are two things to consider. The cost of owning this firm, as well as what you expect to spend in the future, is for the birds.”

Ratcliffe is the richest man in the United Kingdom, with an estimated net worth of more than £21 billion. He had already distanced himself from a Chelsea bid in early March, so we can only speculate as to why the Manchester United supporter has come in now.

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