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Florentino Perez give the secret of how he transformed Real Madrid

Since he originally become the president of Real Madrid in 2000, Florentino Perez has had a genuinely extraordinary influence on the club. The club is financially in a wonderful position and capable of competing for the finest players in the game, despite the pandemic’s impact, the worrying fall of La Liga, and the growth of the Premier League. Interestingly, despite his phenomenal achievement, certain news outlets and even some Real Madrid supporters still do not completely appreciate the influence he has had on improving the club’s reputation.

Real Madrid was prosperous and well-known before Florentino, and this will undoubtedly be brought up by the anti-Florentino side. While it is true, Florentino Perez is mostly responsible for the club’s widespread acclaim. Real Madrid underwent a transformation under his leadership, and they are now a powerful force on and off the field. Real Madrid supporters show up in significant numbers everywhere they travel on the club’s pre-season tour, as can be seen.

Although the procedure was questionable, Florentino’s creativity had a significant influence since other teams are now adopting the same ideas. When he took over the club in 2000, many first felt he was inexperienced since he altered how things were done. It was also assumed that he was simply acting in his own self-interest. However, it is now obvious that he understood precisely what he was doing. He had the fortitude to take the actions that he believed would help Real Madrid realize its immense potential because he simply saw it.

In light of this, how did Florentino do this and what strategies did he use to transform a local club into a dominant power on a worldwide scale?

‘Galaticos’ Period
As Florentino Perez has often said, the club was in a difficult condition when he assumed leadership. Real Madrid wasn’t earning the money they should have been and didn’t have the same level of notoriety throughout the world despite winning the Champions League in 1998 and 2000. Not to add that the stadium required urgent renovations and wasn’t exactly in the ideal shape. The situation was so critical that valuable players had to be sold in order to raise money for the team.

The “Galaticos” came into being when Florentino took office and made improving the club’s reputation across the world his top aim. Even though he has shown his abilities by signing Barcelona legend Luis Figo and other significant players, the acquisition of David Beckham totally changed the club’s reputation throughout the world.

At that point, Florentino saw a chance to elevate the club’s reputation across the whole world. Real Madrid started holding their preseasons in Asia as the continent’s interest in the club had increased significantly, players had started to appear in more advertisements, and the club had produced and been involved in a number of significant films, all with the intention of showcasing Real Madrid.

While many people think that the “Galaticos” were the reason Real Madrid’s fan base grew, Florentino Perez really utilized them to promote the club’s image and encourage people to support the team as a whole rather than simply its players.

This explains why Real Madrid’s devoted following keeps growing despite the departure of prominent players: people come and go, but the team will always exist. This idea, which Florentino used, is also the reason the club has such a stellar reputation. In contrast to others, who promote the player(s) more than the team and then see a fall in fan support after they go due to the fact that many of them were more interested in the player(s) than the club.

His invention did have repercussions.
Despite winning a few league championships and the Champions League, Florentino’s creativity off the field had a price since the team’s big egos always caused problems and caused the team to go three seasons without a championship. Florentino Perez resigned in 2006 as a result of mounting hostility against him.

While things did not go well on the field, he had a big influence of it since Real Madrid was now making a lot more money than they had been, they were well-known across the world, and the stadium was in much better shape than it had been before he became President.

avoiding politics that divides people
Real Madrid has taken every precaution to keep itself out of any domestic or international political disputes. The team came under pressure from certain quarters to oppose the Catalan nationalism movement and even play with the Spanish flag on their shirt. Real Madrid resisted all attempts to engage them in any manner, despite the pressure.

Florentino Perez even forbade the ardent Real Madrid fans known as “ultras” from attending matches because they were often bringing up their dangerous, extreme political ideologies. This does not imply that political people won’t attend games or that the club won’t express support for those who are harmed by injustice in the globe. Real Madrid, on the other hand, avoids engaging in controversial political topics.

Real Madrid wants to be regarded as a global club that anybody from anywhere can follow, despite the fact that they are a Spanish team, so much so that they do not even want to have the Spanish flag on their shirt for geographical reasons.

Florentino Perez emphasized that the team needs to develop, and he has made sure to change and grow himself as well. When he took office again in 2009, he achieved just that by bringing in his new version of “Galaticos” and pairing it with other significant acquisitions that were less exciting but crucial for the squad’s overall balance. He started pursuing the top managers in addition to the finest players.

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