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Eden Hazard revealed 3 reasons why Real Madrid fans should still believe in him

  1. Eden Hazard should be able to play again soon.
    One thing has defined Eden Hazard’s tenure in Madrid above all else: injuries. He has been injured 16 times since entering in 2019. This is a huge amount, and it’s understandable why he’s never been able to develop a stable shape.

The good news is that he looks to be in good shape following his most recent operation at the end of March, which removed a plate from his leg that had been implanted following a prior accident. He now has the rest of the summer and preseason to get in shape and get back to playing like he used to, free of the plate in his leg, in order to start the season in top form. Hazard will play a few games for Belgium this summer, but it will primarily serve as a chance for him to relax and prepare in preparation for next season.

Hazard’s motivation and weight have been a source of worry in previous seasons. Hazard, on the other hand, will undoubtedly be driven to be in peak physical form by the start of next season in order to be fit for the World Cup in November, which may be Belgium’s final chance to win something. Hazard seems to be fit and in the perfect frame of mind to return to form, something we haven’t been able to claim at any stage in his Madrid career.

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2. Eden Hazard might be Real Madrid’s third attacking option.
Florentino Perez and the rest of the team were banking on Kylian Mbappe’s arrival this summer. That is not going to happen, since Mbappe recently inked a three-year deal with PSG.

Along with Benzema and Vinicius, Mbappe was intended to complete the offensive trifecta. There isn’t an apparent offensive talent out there for Madrid to sign now that Erling Haaland is no longer on the market. Hazard has a strong argument for stepping up and filling in as the third attacker.

Hazard has demonstrated that despite his limited playing time this season, he is still a brilliant link-up player. Hazard looked slick on the ball in the second-to-last La Liga encounter against Cadiz, sliding out from the wing to connect midfield and attack play.

Hazard’s link-up play can relieve pressure on Benzema and allow him to play in more dangerous situations higher up the pitch. Hazard’s ability to take on players one-on-one, along with his linkup play, would significantly improve Madrid’s offense and make it less reliant on Benzema and Vinicius.

Luka Modric has been Madrid’s major source of creativity outside of those two. Despite the fact that Modric recently signed a one-year deal, relying on a 37-year-old to perform so much week in and week out is dangerous. Hazard, if he can regain his form, can bring a lot of creativity to the side – something that is difficult to come by – and relieve some of the strain on Benzema, Vinicius, and Modric.

3. He is adored by the entire Real Madrid team.
Despite his problems, it was clear during the post-Champions-League triumph celebrations how much the whole Madrid squad likes Hazard. During the celebrations, Hazard declared that he will “give it his all next season,” and the teammates mobbed him and rejoiced with him as if he had just scored the game-winning goal. Despite the fact that Hazard hasn’t played much this season, he’s managed to build close bonds with all of the players.

This type of bond between athletes is important both on and off the field. This Madrid team has a wonderful aura, with the finest atmosphere of any Madrid team since the pre-Galactico period in the 1990s.

This isn’t a given, and there’s always the potential of disturbing the squad’s friendship and chemistry if Madrid decides to send Hazard out and bring in a new player, especially if it’s a high-profile star. Giving Hazard the opportunity to play as a third attacker poses little risk of upsetting the team, as it is evident that they all want to see him succeed.

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