Chelsea vs Watford LIVE Stream TV final

So, the season’s last encounter has arrived; Chelsea will play their 63rd match today. With third place secured and a berth in the Champions League for next season,

With several players slated to go in the summer, this may be a day of farewells. Watford’s visit presents an opportunity to end the season on a high following yet another FA Cup final defeat.

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Given the safety of a third-place finish, Tuchel could be tempted to try something new. Back in December, we overcame Watford 2-1 at the Vicarage Road to stay top of the league for the last game week of the season.

A repetition today would equal their highest Premier League point total since Antonio Conte’s 2016/17 season, which, even in the context of a vast distance to Manchester City, should still be considered improvement.

Chelsea will end the season as Super Cup winners, Club World Cup Champions, and league runners-up.

Follow Anita Abayomi, Adam Newson, and Scott Trotter for all the action building up to and after the 4pm kickoff.

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