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CCTV footage at Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid has been deleted

CCTV evidence that may have supported – or refuted – the disputed accusation by French officials that 30-40,000 Liverpool fans flocked to the Champions League final in Paris using forged tickets has been lost.

According to reports in France, officials did not get the video records from the Stade de France within the permitted time frame, and they have since been erased.

Gerald Darmanin, the French interior minister, has been chastised for promoting ‘fanciful’ accusations that up to 70% of all tickets sold for the upcoming match between Liverpool and Real Madrid at the Stade de France were fakes.
It has been claimed that Liverpool fans were to blame for the chaos and danger outside the stadium in the French capital on May 28, which witnessed tumultuous and hazardous situations before and after the game.

However, Didier Lallement, the Paris police chief, revealed in evidence at a Parliamentary session on Thursday that he invented the number of 40,000 bogus tickets based on feedback from his officers and transportation authorities.

He admitted that the figure had “no scientific merit,” but that it was based on his impression.

Despite this, Lallement insisted that there were ‘many more people than the stadium could hold and that hundreds of them who were left outside with bogus tickets were ‘not in sight of CCTV cameras.’
Following Lallement’s attendance at the hearing, it was revealed that the French authorities had neglected to claim crucial CCTV tapes from the stadium’s surrounds, which may have shed additional light on what had occurred.

‘CCTV footage from the Stade de France that showed ‘very violent’ recordings was erased,’ according to BFM TV, a French broadcaster.

‘The courts have not claimed them within the required time limit of seven days.’

‘The photographs are available for seven days,’ Erwan Le Prévost, head of institutional relations for the French Football Federation, told the broadcaster. They are then deleted automatically. The photographs are really violent, and we should have had a request to send them to the various communities.’
Whatever the photographs revealed has already vanished, and there appears to be little concrete evidence to back up the accusations of industrial counterfeiting, or the notion that it was this that caused a crush outside the Stade de France before kick-off.

‘Perhaps I was incorrect,’ Mr. Lament said during a Parliamentary hearing in Paris today, adding, ‘It was definitely a failure since individuals were jostled and abused, despite our responsibility to keep them safe.’ It’s also a failure since the country’s reputation has been tarnished.’

‘I never claimed that the figure was absolutely right, but it seemed to mirror the scenario around the stadium,’ he said when asked about his assertion that up to 40,000 Liverpool fans showed there without legitimate tickets.

‘The statistic has no scientific merit, but it originated from input from police and public transportation personnel,’ he noted before.
At the UEFA showpiece, Liverpool and Real Madrid fans, as well as VIP visitors and sponsors, were caught up in terrifying and hazardous situations outside the Stade de France.

Despite having legal tickets, several fans were unable to enter the stadium.

In the subsequent turmoil, fans and guests were tear-gassed by French police, including children, and made to pass a gauntlet of local adolescents intent on attacking and robbing them before and after the UEFA final, which Real Madrid won 1-0.

UEFA has apologized to fans and announced its own independent probe into the shambolic events in Paris, while a special investigation by the Mail on Sunday showed how the utter collapse of law and order – with supporters being targeted by gangs – nearly resulted in fatalities.

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