Camila Cabello slams ‘rude’ Liverpool fans for booing her at the Champions League final

CAMILA CABELLO performed during the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid’s pre-match performance.
Camila Cabello has criticized ‘rude’ fans who booed her during her performance prior of Liverpool’s Champions League final against Real Madrid. Fans of the Reds were enraged as they battled to get access to the Stade de France while being pepper sprayed and tear gassed by French police.
UEFA has been roundly chastised for the behavior of fans outside the stadium before to Real Madrid’s 1-0 victory over the Premier League side. The match, as well as Cabello’s pre-game performance, was postponed for nearly a half-hour due to the large crowd outside.

Fans booed Cabello when he walked to a stage set up in the middle of the pitch, much after the game’s scheduled start time of 8:00 p.m. The former Fifth Harmony member chastised fans for booing and jeering her throughout her performance.

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“Playing back our performance, I can’t believe people were chanting their teams anthems [sic] so loudly throughout our performance,” the 25-year-old tweeted. My staff and I, for example, worked diligently for a long time to create the proper feelings and put on a terrific performance.”
“Very rude but whatever,” Camila wrote again. I’M GLAD YOU GUYS APPRECIATE IT.”

Both tweets were later removed. Some fans criticized the remarks for being out of touch, citing the abuse of spectators outside the stadium, while Cabello’s followers backed her position.

Meanwhile, Liverpool has sought a probe into the 80,000-strong crowd’s organization. “We are tremendously unhappy by the stadium admission challenges and breach of the security perimeter that Liverpool supporters encountered this evening at Stade de France,” the club said in a statement. This is the most important event in European football, and fans should not have to watch the scenes that occurred today. We’ve asked for a full investigation into the sources of these egregious problems.”

UEFA has placed the blame on supporters who they believe purchased “fake” tickets. “Thousands of supporters who had purchased bogus tickets that did not operate in the turnstiles clogged the turnstiles at the Liverpool end in the lead-up to the game,” the governing body stated.

“As a result, there was a line of fans waiting to get in.” As a result, the game was postponed for 35 minutes to allow as many spectators with valid tickets as possible to attend.

“As crowds grew outside the stadium after kickoff, police used tear gas to disperse them and push them away from the stadium.” UEFA sympathizes with individuals who have been impacted by these incidents and will quickly evaluate the situation with the French police and authorities, as well as the French Football Federation.”

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