British billionaire Jim Ratcliffe now explains why he placed a 4.2 billion dollar offer to buy Chelsea after the deadline passed

Sir James Arthur Ratcliffe FIChemE is a British billionaire chemical engineer and businessman

British tycoon Jim Ratcliffe now explains why he placed a 4.2 billion dollar offer to acquire Chelsea after the deadline passed.

Ratcliffe, the founder and main shareholder of Ineos, made a last-minute bid of £4.25 billion hours before Boehly was selected as the preferred acquisition.

Raine, on the other hand, has granted exclusivity to Boehly’s partnership, which owns the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Ratcliffe, on the other hand, feels that a British football club should be owned by British residents and has begged Raine to reconsider, stating that he has previously conducted ‘excellent conversations’ with the UK government over Chelsea’s acquisition.

In an interview with BBC Sport, Sir Jim Ratcliffe was asked why it took him so long to disclose his Chelsea offer.

“I believe it’s very obvious,” Ratcliffe said, “that buying a national asset is a substantial decision, and it’s a big commitment in terms of time and money.”
“We’re in it for the long haul, which means we’re taking on a lot of responsibility, and making a decision to really commit takes time.”

“At the end of the day, we arrived and made our promise.” We’re not about to give up without a fight.

“Raine was approached, and we had a meeting with them at the end of last week.” “We filed a proposal but have yet to hear back from them,” he added.

“Please don’t ignore our offer,” I tell Raine. We’re British, and we’re rooting for Chelsea. If I were Raine, I wouldn’t shut any doors.”

Ratcliffe appears to have increased his media presence in order to drum up support for his plan, which was touted in the announcement as the “only British offer for Chelsea.”
However, it appears that time has been wasted as well. Raine Group has already picked Todd Boehly’s team as the preferred bidder.

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